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As a senior manager or C-suite professional, your view is unique. When you need outside advice and coaching, get it from someone who knows your journey and who has been there herself. Sandra Marin knows. With over 25 years of senior management experience she has worked down in the deepest trenches and at the highest summits in the private and public sectors. Working in and around large multi-level organizations has been her career.

Sandra Selected as one of Edmonton's Top 20 Executive Coaches

Tackle your burning leadership issues:

How can you increase the effectiveness of your team?

How do you get to the next, higher level?

You have been given new responsibilities.

How should you handle all these new moving parts?

Creating an effective strategic plan, and ensuring it gets implemented.

How do you secure buy in and commitment?

How can you become a leader that others choose to follow?

What can you do to inspire a shared vision and build trust?

Recent Clients

“A leader’s actions contribute more to such factors as commitment, loyalty, motivation, pride and productivity than does any other single variable.”

— Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner “ The Leadership Challenge®” 2012.

“Sandra consistently demonstrates a tremendous natural talent for facilitating diverse groups on a number of topics related to work performance and career management. Her successful business background coupled with a values-based and people focused approach, has helped hundreds of managers and professionals gain focus and clarity in managing their own careers within complex and ever-changing organizations and companies. Her ability to guide others through personal reflection, problem solving, and action planning has resulted in new ideas and strategies that positively affect professional lives.”

Faye Haney | Director, Career Compass Program, Toombs Inc.

“Working with Sandra was truly a rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. As a senior manager, I was most interested to refine my leadership skills and develop communication strategies that would elevate my effectiveness. In addition to learning new communication techniques that improved my team’s productivity, Sandra helped me develop a greater awareness and understanding of communication barriers that improved peer to peer relations.... Although I had reservations going into my coaching experience, Sandra’s approach and candor quickly diminished any hesitation that I had. Her sense of humour is refreshing and her commitment to my personal success made the experience very meaningful. I would highly recommend Sandra as a professional coach and look forward to working with her in the future.”

M. Henderson | VP Marketing & Communications TELUS Spark

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