Conflict Management in Medium and Large Organizations

Conflicts between employees are some of the most awkward tasks a manager needs to deal with. Sandra Marin can help.

Conflicts in the workplace

The sales team is complaining again. They say production isn’t fulfilling orders on time and customers are not re-filling orders. The production manager says the sales team keeps giving unrealistic delivery dates to the customers without consulting with them. The sales team says their delivery dates are industry standard and production needs to get its act together.

When your team isn’t getting along, performance suffers, turnover goes up and star-performers start to disappear.

Its your job to manage these teams, but sometimes its too hard or too awkward to be the person to step into the fray between the conflicted parties.

You don’t want to put your foot down and lay down hard rules (this will just push off the issue into the future) – you want them to resolve it and ultimately start supporting each other.

Maybe its time you got some outside help.

Sandra Marin can help resolve those lingering internal disputes that are eroding your team’s performance. Her consulting one-on-one or with small groups can bring those issues to light in a fair and respectful way and get the conflicted parties to air their perspectives and find a way forward.

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Conflict Resolution

Whether you work for a government department or private company, Sandra Marin will help your individuals or teams work through their conflict with one-on-one or group coaching sessions.

Could you benefit from outside help from Sandra Marin for your conflict resolution?

Here are some signs that show a conflict is affecting your teams:

Does this conflict keep coming up over and over?

Do the conflicting teams have a high staff turnover rate?

Are high performance people looking to change departments or leave the organization?

Are you ready for someone to challenge you?

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