Executive Coaching for C-Suite Professionals

Organizations such as Federated Coop and the Government of Canada engage Sandra for one-on-one training and coaching.

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Executive Coaching Packages for Individuals or Teams

An executive coaching engagement can vary from 3 – 9 months and will incorporate an initial assessment of your goals and objectives followed by weekly calls and monthly meetings. The schedule and locations can be completely customized for your needs. Sandra uses a structured conversation approach to maintain focus throughout the conversations, use time effectively, and ensure all key issues are addressed.

Do you need an executive coach? Here are some questions you may be asking yourself:

How do I engage my teams into making real change?

I’ve been recently promoted, but how do I set priorities for success?

I want to have a career conversation with my manger, but how do I approach it?

How do I manage interpersonal conflict in my teams, or with me?

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I chose to work with Sandra as my personal coach because of her extensive and diverse business background. Then, I realized from my view that Sandra’s strength lies beyond just a solid background; it is derived from her contained, and unique coaching approach. Effortlessly, Sandra can break down any challenge or problem to its roots and causes bringing all perspectives on the table for discussion in a comprehensive and contemplating way. One of the most powerful attributes in Sandra’s coaching approach is how to reach a conclusion or action plan that resonates with the challenge. Although, every conversation was carefully crafted through a professional structure, yet it flows amiably. Sandra is an intelligent individual who is full of passion and energy, yet humble. Working with Sandra was a remarkable experience that will last for many years to come, and I will always look forward to working with her again

— Tarek Kamel, MBA, Senior Marketing Specialist

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