Taking on a New Role and Responsibilities

Have you been recently promoted and now need a plan to succeed?

Congratulations! You’ve been promoted!

Getting a promotion is wonderful but after the glow fades and Monday morning rolls around, the reality quickly sets in.

How will you manage all these new teams and people? How do you prioritize your goals and your time? How can you effectively implement your ideas and have them actually happen?

Sandra Marin helps senior executives manage their transition into bigger roles and become better and more effective leaders.


sandra marin

Sandra Marin can help you grow and develop

Find purpose in leadership.

How to trust others to work to your standards.

Help you let go of tasks, and delegate to team members.

Manage or redefine relationships as you become the boss.

Deal with the ambiguity of higher leadership roles.

Sandra’s coaching for new roles and responsibilities has worked for:

New CEO’s who needed support to set new goals and implement change.

Sales and Marketing VP’s who needed to get better results from their teams.

Human Resource Directors who needed to boost the leadership skills of an entire department.

Do you need help with your transition to a bigger role? Here are some questions you may be asking yourself:

How do I engage many people and teams into making real change?

How do I set priorities for success? For me? For my direct reports?

I want to apply for a bigger role, but I’m not sure I’m ready. How can I prepare myself?

How do I not get overwhelmed by all my new responsibilities?

"Promoted into a new role, I was struggling to make the transition from worker bee to strategic thinker. The best result that I got by working with Sandra was taking control of my workday and develop my own management style. "

R. Ziorio | Manager, Program Development
Go Productivity

"The best result I got from working with her was a better understanding of my levels of emotional intelligence and how my control over them would give me the outcomes I hoped to achieve. On a personal note Sandra coached me through many of the challenges and disconnects I faced throughout my personal; and organizational change processes."

C. Gowers | Service Manager Not-for Profit

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